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This blog is my attempt to give back to the Web developer community by aggregating resources, sharing thoughts and presenting the problems and solutions I encounter as a developer.

So much of my learning comes thanks to the generosity of developers who share their knowledge for no immediate tangible gain.  I would be nowhere without them and most of them have no clue who I am, nor have they profited directly beyond a slightly higher click count.

It’s my turn to pay it forward.

Frankly, I can only hope to contribute a fraction of what I’ve consumed.

My ulterior motives are more selfish. Teaching is the surest way to learn because it weeds out misconceptions.  I have more than I’d like to admit.

So bear with me as I curate my knowledge base here.  And by all means, if you can add something helpful or insightful in the comments you are more than welcome to contribute.


Michael Lecke

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